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      Ancient history, unique culture and as yet little known for the tourists country - these factors make the travel to Georgia, especially interesting and unforgettable.
        Georgia is located in the central part of the Caucasus, one of the most significant region in the world. It is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where traditionally crossed western and eastern civilizations, which unusually merged with local traditions that gave Georgia the name of the country's oldest non-recurring history, culture and civilization throughout the world.
    The myth of the Argonauts, King Farsman's fabulous world, wedged in the passage of the Caucasus by Alexander the Great and many other myths associated with these mountains, widely opens the doors of our country to travelers who wish to visit, meet and know so far little-known and unique country, which opens in front of tourists in the face of Georgia.

    Traveling to Georgia you will find many places with wildlife, and so far untouched by man   landscapes, which makes the country even more attractive to tourists. Georgians believe that "the guest is by the Lord" and therefore warm hospitality is well known for our guests.

T o u r s
Cultural Tours
cultural tours

Georgia is rich with architectural monuments of ancient history. The country's colorful nature from Caucasus Mountains and to the Black Sea makes travel to Georgia impressive and unforgettable.

Adventure Tours
adventure tours
Diversity of Landscape of Georgia from Caucasus Mountains and to the Black Sea makes the country attractive for the tourist who like any sort of adventure travel.
Skiing Tours
skiing tours
Wonderful skiing resorts as well good climate of Georgia gives possibility for the tourists to enjoy pleasure of skiing either in powder snow or on special skiing routs five month during a year.
Wine Tours
Wine Tours
It's believed that Georgia is motherland of wine production in the world. In all parts of the country you can taste different sorts of the wine. Our Tours are designed in the way to be acquainted with different traditions of wine making in Georgia.
Pilgrim tours
Pilgrim tours
Due to the history of Georgia the country is rich with architectural and cultural heritages of the orthodox Christianity. Graves of Saint Matthias, one of the twelve apostles as well Thirteen Assyrian Fathers are in Georgia.
Short tours
Short tours
There are many sightseeing places in Georgia that could be reach and explored during either one day or two days tour from your hotel. Just let us know your desires and we'll assist you in the realization of your aim.

Armenia & Azerbaijan
combined tour Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan - three countries of South Caucasus. All different, with unique culture, combined tours Georgia with Armenia and Azerbaijan make unforgettable travel to South Caucasus.
Cycling Tours
Cycling Tours to Georgia
Unforgettable beauty of Great Caucasus and Alazany valley give a lot of different possibilities for cycling. One can choose either classic or off-road cycling tour for the groups or individuals.
MICE tours to Georgia
Well developed infrastructure of hotels in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and Telavi as well summer and winter resorts give good possibilities for organization different conferences or incentive tours to Georgia.

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